Your Wedding Day

I prepare for your wedding by gathering as much info about the wedding couple and your big day as possible. The event highlights, the special people in attendance, the photographs of the small details you have fussed over.

Capturing what is unique to your special day

Normally these details become clearer as the big day gets closer. So follow up with me is not a problem and expected. About a week before your wedding I scout your venue locations, both for lighting options and backgrounds so that I have a wealth of choreographic ideas to choose from. I never use all my ideas but it good to be ready for everything.

Prepared for any technical challenge

When the wedding day arrives I depart early to make sure I arrive with time to spare. I carry multiple camera bodies flashes and an assortment of lenses: prime, wide angle, telephoto, and macro, to allow for creative choices and any potential technical challenges.

I shoot your wedding day in pro digital color and black and white professional film. The b/w film stock I use adds a fine art quality to your wedding album just not realized yet with digital. For some really exciting stuff talk to me about some medium format camera options. I love shooting medium and particularly like what we get when we do wall size enlargements. Images that are life size without distortion or pixilation. Its like walking up to a real person quite powerful! (I will be posting some samples in my blog go have a look).

The finishing touches

After the wedding, your photos and wedding album are prepped for printing and assembled by me. Each image receives individual treatment and color correction to guarantee client satisfaction and artistic excellence.

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