About Lumen

I started Lumen Wedding Photography with a mind to making your visit here, something personal and exciting and informative. I  wanted it to be a place where people could stop and chat about their upcoming wedding with myself and with other couples getting married who are doing what you are doing Рlooking for vendors and making the plans they need to make their day come together the way they imagine it.

Wether your wedding is big or small, 300 guests or 30,

Your wedding is a really big deal. This is true of every client I have had and I feel I have been fortunate enough to met some pretty cool people at pivotal moments in their lives. This is a recipe for good times and a lot fun! As a photographer I will be with, near and around the bridal couple for a a large part of the day. So that means that professionally speaking I will be part of the fun, doing what I do best, getting the great photographs, without getting in the way, but also offering some direction where necessary. By direction I mean playful direction, because all couples and guests have to do is enjoy themselves – then I can take care of the rest. It usually is that simple!

While I am having fun at your wedding I am also having fun with printing ’cause

In addition to the immediacy of digital which we all love I also am enjoying working with archival print processes, including lithographs, gum bichromates, including hand colored sepia tones and ¬†lumen prints. Lumen printing involves using organic materials in the printing process and exposing your paper to ultraviolet light its. I mix the organic materials with enlarged negatives of your wedding to create well – you have to see it to believe it. I am in the final stages right now of putting a body of work together on its completion I will be adding images to the site here. I will be twittering about it so follow me here and you will be getting the details…. as they arrive….

Ok enough about Lumen I need to get back to the Dark Room to get this work finished!

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