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Jan 29, 2021

Weddings printing and alternative print options


Its an exciting time after the proposal has happened and you are starting to make all your wedding arrangements. For a photographer like myself, I am also busy planning, trying to get the word out about what I do and connect with clients wedding couples who are interested in the same. The New Year is a time for refreshment and new energy and new commitments, and I start to get lots of emails and calls about wedding availability dates for this year and next. People are trying to find the right photographer for them and vice versa. For me its a time to recommit to new ideas and new explorations, and one of the areas I have been spending considerable time is in the area of art manipulation and double exposure. High art is a wonderful way to celebrate not only yourselves but the world in which you have chosen to share it. For Jabus and Dilara, the couple in the photo above, their romance and commitment was very specific. A very small wedding, the special day was set at the break of dawn on a bridge symbolically bringing to pieces of land together, at Jericho Beach. Before anyone else had arrived I grabbed a few scenic shots (also called plates). I shot these very specifically remembering as closely as possible where everything existed in the frame then thinking later about what image I wanted to use later with it. Once you put these two images together you have a “double exposure”. Combining the images later, what you get is always a little unexpected and its this quality that I love that makes working in double exposure so enjoyable. You have to free your mind to see things and see things not just as they are so you can let the imagination soar.

For Jabus and Dilara, the quiet serenity of their wedding, and the spiritual loving quality of their union spoke easily and naturally to me so I  simply found an image that embodied that in them, in their surroundings, and then matched it with an image of them and  a mood that complimented it. I created about 8 versions of this before I was satisfied…. Part 2 is the dark room and some choice printing possibilities! Stay tuned to this post for future updates. 🙂

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